Welcome to the Nordic Freelance Seminar 2022 in Naantali, Rymättylä near Turku, Finland

After a long break there is an opportunity to meet colleagues again. The FAO will hold a Nordic seminar on May 27-28 2022 in Naantali, Herrankukkaro – which is an unforgettable, unique, beautiful place close to nature.

The seminar will be held in English.


Herrankukkaro, Luotojentie 245, 21140 Naantali Rymättylä

Coordinates for boats:
Lat. 60˚ 20.20´ N
Lon. 21˚59,10´ E

The subjects of the seminar are topical; such as freedom of speech, human rights and the issue of media ethics. Behavior in social media and hate speech – how has it affected the polarization of the media? How do journalists get justice? Russia\’s attack on the Ukraine is now topical, as is the manipulated false information to Russians about the course of the war and the position of journalists in Russia.

In our evening program, after the dinner on Friday, you can relax in the smoke sauna and outdoor heated baths right along the archipelago shore. The 124-seater smoke sauna is a unique construction in the tradition of milleniums and it is known to be the largest smoke sauna in the world. The pool section of the spa has many hot water pools and a seawater pool filled with fresh and clear seawater from the Archipelago Sea. There is also an opportunity to go for a dip in the sea from the pool area.

Saturday is dedicated to the freelancers’ well-being at work plus long-standing isolation and how to make journalism.

  • How do you monitor your own coping?
  • Will the employers allow you to do telework in the future, if
  • How top journalism emerges in the periphery?

We will take a refreshing nature trip after lunch on Saturday on the Herrankukkaro nature trail and after that there will be a final summary and closing coffees. Herrankukkaro is a pearl in the middle of nature and by the sea. Accommodation in double rooms. Accommodation is handled on site and costs € 49 per night. The traditional buildings on Herrankukkaro’s old fisherman’s homestead are a of different sizes and can accommodate over 100 overnight guests in total. Mummonmökki, Mammanmökki and Vaarinmökki cottages offer comfortable, idyllic moments and sweet, feather-light dreams. The ripple of the waves and the tranquil environment of the home-stead guarantee a deep sleep.

The seminar fee is € 200 and in addition to the seminar itself, it includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, sauna and evening snack. As well as bus transports from Helsinki and Turku to the Seminar venue.
The transports are handled on behalf of the organizer from Helsinki and Turku to the Seminar venue by joint bus transport.

The seminar starts on 27.5. at 10 a.m. with welcome drinks by the Herrankukkaro hosts. From there we will move to the meeting rooms and start the seminar at 10:30 a.m. Lunch is served at 1 pm. The seminar ends on Saturday 28 May. from 3 to 3:30 p.m.


Registration ends on 13th of May at 4 pm.

Registrations are limited. Places will be filled in the order of registration.

Additional information:

Irmeli Heliö

Anna-Kaisa Vihavainen-Bäckmn

You are warmly welcome!


Friday 27th of May

10.00-10.30       Welcom to Herrankukkaro the Host of Herrankukkaro Kariosakari Kangas

10.30-10.45       Opening words of the Seminar, FAO chairperson Irmeli Heliö

10.45-11.15        Hanne Aho, the president of the Union of Journalists in Finland

11.30-12.00       Tine Johansen, the president of the Danish Unioin of Journalists (remote access)

12.10-13.00      Salla Nazarenko, International Affairs Specialist of the Union of Journalists in Finland, situation in Ukraina/Russian journalists

13.00-13.45      lunch

13.45-15.00      Johanna Vehkoo is a journalist and non-fiction author who specialises in all kinds of misinformation and fakery on the Internet. She has written five books and is a founder of the award-winning online magazine Long Play. She has completed fellowships at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, Oxford University, and at the Wilson Center in Washington D.C. Vehkoo will be speaking about far-right trolling, hate campaigns against journalists, and about freedom of speech.

15.00-15.20      coffee break

15.30-16.45     Panel discussion, chairperson Salla Nazarenko

  • polarization
  • social media and speech of hate
  • Russian attack Ukraina, situation state of journlist in Russia
  • immigrant journalists state and diversity

Conversationalists: Tuija Saresma, Susi Nousiainen, Wali Hashi, Johanna Vehkoo, representative from Norway freelance journalist Aashild Eliassen

17.00-17.45      ”Free ride – photojournalism as a lifestyle” Awarded photojournalist Touko Hujanen presents his career and goes through changes that have happened in his field.

18.00-18.30      check in

18.30-20.00      Dinner

20.00-22.00     Sauna and like an old fashioned bathing tub outside

22.00-24.00      Evening snack


Saturday 28th of May


08.30-09.30 Breakfast

09.30-10.30 Saturday is dedicated to the freelancer’s well-being at work and the long- standing isolation – how to make journalism in it.

Will the employers allow you to do telework in the future, if necessary? How the top journalism emerges in the periphery?

Antti Heikkinen, journalist and author from Nilsiä (video connecting)

10.45-11.45 Actor, composer, journalist and stand-up performer Iiro Ollilla from Stella Polaris gives us tools for our well-being. How do you monitor your own coping?

12.00-12.45      lunch

12.45-13.45      Walking in the nature of Herrankukkaro’s path

13.45-15.30      Summary of the seminar and coffee

Bus transport to Helsinki via Turku at 15.30.

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